TLB Creations Inc.

I've been seeking inspiration for a while...


And I always find it best when I'm being creative. 

It used to be when I was playing the piano (much to the dismay of my brothers who would rather be watching TV), sewing my next outfit (I had a thing about hand-me-downs), composing a new song (I love the Classics but I'd rather play my own), singing (my college singing team travelled during the summer and I found a new home in the Pacific Northwest) or learning a new art or craft (I would try anything!).

Now it doesn't matter whether I'm writing (have you seen my blog The Composure of Tammy?), designing (making cards, creating a game or designing a new women's golf clothing line), taking photos, or composing and singing -- that is when I'm the happiest and the most inspired.

And now I am sharing this with you.

My Short Biography