A10 - Elderberries on white (landscape)

A9 - Rain Drop Daisies on white (portrait)

A8 - Field of Daisies on white (landscape)

A7 - Apple Flowers on white (landscape)


Beautiful cards made just for you with my photos and enough space for you to say what you want to say

1 Card:  $5

5 Cards: $20

Taxes included.

Plus shipping where applicable.

Having trouble finding the words you want to say? Let me help you...just an additional $10!

To purchase, please contact me with your requests. I'll be setting up an online store in the future!

You can also purchase my cards at Clarit√© on Granville Island at the same time as you enjoy a facial treatment that far exceeds your typical spa experience. 

B3 - Red Flag on white (portrait)

B2 - Concours Light on white (landscape)

B1 - Ferrari Row on black (landscape)

A6 - Soft Hydrangea on white (landscape)

A5 - Stunning Purple on white (portrait)

A4 - White & Black on white (landscape)

A3 - Muted Chrsyanthemums on white (landscape)

A2 - Concours Dahlias on white (landscape)

A1 - Pink Glory on white (landscape)

Why did you start making your own cards?

I loved finding beautiful, unique cards and I would hunt high and low for them. But then one day, I couldn't find anything beautiful or unique anymore. While looking in one gallery store, my best friend said, "Your photos are better than these!" I've been making cards ever since...and I've never stopped looking for my next model!

TLB Creations Inc.